About WIFF

World Islamic Finance Forum (WIFF) Conference 2022 is one of the most auspicious events around the globe. CEIF-IBA, in the spirit of providing an opportunity to bring together best of the researchers, renowned academicians, leading Islamic bankers, Shariah scholars and prominent personalities from global Islamic financial institutions, is holding its 3rd WIFF conference, following the success of its previous conference in 2018, under the theme of "Developing Islamic Finance Ecosystem for Global Prosperity".

S&P Global Ratings believes the Global Islamic Finance industry will expand 10%-12% in 2021-2022 as per Islamic Finance Outlook 2021. The expansion of Islamic banking assets in some Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, Malaysia, and Turkey and sukuk issuances exceeding maturities explain this expected performance. Islamic finance expanded rapidly in 2020 with total assets increasing 10.6% despite the double shock from the COVID-19 pandemic and oil prices. However, the industry is expected to position itself towards a more sustainable growth.

One of the key objectives of WIFF 2022 is knowledge enhancement through intellectual input from academia and industry practitioners. Thrust of CEIF is on bringing the gap between academia and industry through facilitating focused research that can be to put in practice. Furthermore, CEIF aims at promoting development of case studies to impart Islamic finance knowledge through real life examples. In this pursuit, CEIF invites research papers and case studies on the following themes:

Other related tracks and topics will also be considered.