About WIFF

Islamic finance has shown astounding growth over the past two decades, leaving its advocates and critics in awe. Strong demand push has resulted in global Islamic financial assets to surge from USD 150 billion in the mid-1990s to around USD 2 trillion by the year 2015. Even predominantly non-Muslim jurisdictions including London, Singapore and and Hong Kong, to name a few, are jumping on the bandwagon and are competing to establish themselves as Islamic finance centers. Despite stunning 17% per annum growth and a sizeable presence in global capital markets over past two decades, there are several areas within Islamic finance that need to be explored further.

CEIF is organizing World Islamic Finance Forum (WIFF) 2016, an academic cum industry conference, to bring together practitioners, academia, regulators, legal and Shariah Advisers for developing a multipronged strategy to spread the footprint of Islamic finance across the globe in light of various challenges. Key personalities from global Islamic finance arena will be invited to jointly design the roadmap for future taking into consideration macroeconomic goals, business needs, social objectives, capacity building requirements, standardization issues, legal and Shariah implications.

One of the key objectives of WIFF 2016 is knowledge enhancement through intellectual input from both academia and industry practitioners. Thrust of CEIF is on bridging the gap between academia and industry through facilitating focused research that can be put to practice. Furthermore, CEIF aims at promoting development of case studies to impart Islamic finance knowledge through real life examples. CEIF has invited research papers and case studies on themes instrumental in development of Islamic Finance Industry.